Supporting Educators During COVID-19

As our teachers are making the transition to virtual instruction, the Inspire learning resources that may more important than ever to help to support you. Check in with your teaching colleagues and friends and provide support through text and virtual interactions. As we enter a different environment, new expectations, and rapidly changing plans for how to move forward, remember to offer grace to yourself and those around you. Additional support can also be found on the Elevatetxed website where you can find a curated collection of learning resources for students as well as a wealth of resources for online teacher development.

Visit our resource page.

We want to support our teachers across the state! Here are a couple of modules that we offer to you during this time of uncertainty:

Coping with Teacher Stress:

Thoughtfully cope with work-related stress and improve your physical and mental well-being.

Read more about coping with teacher stress.

Topics for family engagement:

In the next few weeks, we will be relying on our families more than ever to help keep our students engaged and learning. Learn about the importance of working with families, strategies for engaging and communicating with parents and barriers that prevent parent involvement.

Read more about family engagement.

Thank you for your commitment to your students and to your craft during this time.

Let’s #Elevatetxed together for our students, parents, and teachers!


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