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As The University of Texas at San Antonio continues to strive toward achieving Tier One status, the College of Education and Human Development has focused on providing first-rate educational opportunities and fostering groundbreaking educational research. In order to meet this goal, producing new educators with skills necessary to meet today’s challenges and providing the framework of imaginative flexibility for solving the challenges of the future becomes an imperative.

Degrees Awarded to Hispanic Students


Hispanic Students

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Fast Facts

Top Ten

  1.  Teacher retention rate above state average
  2.  Offers accelerated certification programs
  3.  Located in the middle of the Texas Hill Country in San Antonio Texas
  4.  Emerging Research institution
  5.  Leading provider of educators in the San Antonio area
  6.  3 campuses throughout San Antonio
  7.  Founded in 1969 – 50 years old
  8.  Strong commitment to serving the local community
  9.  76% acceptance rate/ 31% graduation rate
  10.  Focus on multicultural and cross-national contexts throughout two programs of study

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UTeach Programs

Learn more about the UTeach programs offered throughout the UT System.

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