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Setting a new standard of excellence for university and K-12 school partnerships

Education must not simply teach work – it must teach Life.

– W. E. B. DU BOIS

About ElevateTXed

ElevateTXed is a collaborative effort between the University of Texas System and all eight UT Colleges of Education. Collectively, we believe that talent is equally distributed across the great state of Texas, but the opportunity for everyone to develop and exercise their talents is not. We further believe that what turns talent into opportunity is education. The college-and-career-readiness of Texas K-12 students—including the quality of their learning—has everything to do with the quality and readiness of teachers in their classrooms. The UT Colleges of Education work tirelessly to produce the best prepared, highest-quality teachers in the state and the nation, so that students have the best opportunity at success in school and in life.

Supporting Education Across Texas

ElevateTXed serves as a platform to showcase the experiences and best practices around forming and sustaining powerful partnerships between UT institutions and the state’s highest needs schools.

Partnerships Across Texas

ElevateTXed serves to coordinate ideas, initiatives and resources supporting UT’s eight Colleges of Education and Texas school districts, with the goal of improving the learning of all students across the state, no matter where they are in their education journey.

University of Texas Institutions and ElevateTXed: Our Commitments

Supporting Future Teachers

We offer support to those considering entry into the teaching profession or wanting to learn more about various roles in the education profession.

Supporting Teaching Professionals

We offer support to K-12 educators and educators in higher education to promote professional development opportunities and school improvement initiatives.

Education Partnerships

We partner with the Texas Education Agency and other organizations to provide access to resources, research and evidence supporting successful K12 + university partnerships.

Interested in a career in education? Let us help!


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