The University of Texas at El Paso

College of Education

A University of Distinction

The University of Texas at El Paso’s College of Education prepares effective teachers, counselors, diagnosticians and school administrators to successfully address the problems of schools and other youth-serving agencies, especially in communities with a significant Hispanic population. Their undergraduates are supported throughout their academic journey by the College’s Center for Student Success. UTEP’s long-term vision is to meet the compelling need for research linking teaching and learning to meet the critical challenges of education in the 21st century.

Faculty Members

The College of Education consists of three departments with 64 faculty member

Undergraduate Students

In the colleges of Education, Health Sciences, Science, and Liberal Arts

Teaching Graduates

Educators teaching at schools throughout the El Paso region since 2002

Fast Facts

Top 10

  1.   Hispanic Serving Institution
  2.   Strong connection to the El Paso community
  3.   Solid bilingual education program
  4.   50 years old
  5.   Carnegie R1 research and doctoral university
  6.   25K students enrolled
  7.   1 million hours served to the community
  8.   Approximately 80% Mexican American students enrolled
  9.   On the border of Texas and Mexico
  10.   100% acceptance rate / 38% graduation rate

Rankings & Distinctions


Awarding the most bachelor’s degrees in education to Hispanics in the nation


students enrolled in doctoral programs


affordable graduate programs, bilingual education

UT El Paso : Mission, Vision, Committed to Student Success

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