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Message from the Chancellor

To ensure the best future for our state and for all Texans, we must invest in the highest quality education for all students, and this begins with preparing, nurturing and supporting great teachers. At the University of Texas System, our institutions are keenly aware of the importance of preparing outstanding teachers to help students develop and achieve their potential. We want to recruit promising future teachers and support them as they engage in some of the most impactful work imaginable. An investment in the quality of teaching pays dividends many, many times over.

James B. Milliken, Chancellor

Our Mission

The mission of ElevateTXed is to re-imagine educator preparation in ways that anticipate the needs of future learners and the world in which they will live. University of Texas Colleges of Education are not just preparing new teachers to launch into classrooms; they are also equipping them with the skills, abilities, knowledge and habits to sustain and deepen their own practice throughout their tenure as teachers as they move from novice, to proficient, to master teacher. The skills that empower teachers to grow in their practice are the same skills that enable these teachers to prepare the students in their classrooms for an unscripted, ever-changing, globally interdependent world. UT education colleges and programs are innovative and focused on creating strong partnerships with schools and school districts to better support Texas students.

Our Vision

ElevateTXed supports and facilitates the efforts of the University of Texas education colleges and programs to prepare highly-qualified, well-trained and diverse teachers, administrators, and education specialists to best meet the needs of Texas’ changing K-12 student population. UT institutions deploy education data, policy and research, as well as build strong university/school partnerships, to address the most pressing, complex challenges facing Texas schools, thereby preparing innovative educational leaders—at all levels—to transform education today and into the future.

Our Commitment

ElevateTXed is committed to improving education throughout the P20 pipeline in Texas. Across the state and the nation, there are gaps in educational opportunity, achievement and attainment by diverse learners. Recruitment and retention of new teachers is at a crisis level and the entire profession is undervalued. It is this context that compels us to dramatically re-imagine approaches to teacher preparation for a world rife with ambiguity, complexity and challenges, some known and some not, now and in the future. This is more than a need; it is an imperative.

Key drivers for fulfilling this commitment and for building and sustaining the excellence of UT’s educator preparation programs are:


Employ a deep understanding of who our learners are and how we can meet their educational goals in every action we take.


Deploy high-quality data that drive our actions and continuous improvement of our EPPs focused on student and educator success.


Lead in innovative policy directions that move our state from a focus on compliance to action-oriented policy that address the realities of education in the state of Texas. We are thought-leaders in the creation and implementation of policy at state and federal levels for educator preparation.


Leverage our world-class research strength to lead in innovative educator practice and engage in unprecedented inter-institutional and cross-sector collaboration.


Build strong university/school partnerships which are essential to supporting the state’s lowest performing schools and to enhancing expertise in “school transformation” within UT Colleges of Education.

About the UT System

At the University of Texas System, we believe that talent is equally distributed across the great state of Texas, but that not everyone has the same opportunity to develop and exercise their talents. We further believe that what turns talent into opportunity is education. The college-and-career-readiness of Texas K-12 students—including the quality of their learning—has everything to do with the quality and readiness of teachers in their classrooms. UT System Colleges of Education work tirelessly to produce the best prepared, highest-quality teachers in the state and the nation, so that students have the best opportunity at success in school and in life.

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