Education impacts employment, income, social status and well-being.

Education is the movement from darkness to light.


Education is one of the most important career paths one can take.

Are you ready to make an impact?

Steps to Becoming a Teacher »

A recent study found that students taught by teachers highly qualified in their subject areas are more likely to graduate from college. Quality teachers impact student outcomes, and ultimately shape our society.

Read the Top 10 Effects Education Has on Society. »

What traits do effective teachers share?

Formal teacher-preparation training

Caring, fair and respectful of all

High expectations for themselves and their students

Why teach in Texas?

Texas is a large and diverse state, providing unique opportunities to teach among many cultures, languages, and backgrounds. From large urban cities, like Dallas and Houston, to small towns and rural areas, we need great teachers who represent the many backgrounds and experiences of the state’s students.

What's it like to be a teacher?

A career in teaching offers a secure future. As Texas continues to grow and change, more teachers are needed who represent the state’s diversity. Certified teachers in bilingual, English as a second language, STEM, and special education are in highest demand. The profession is always changing as teachers continue to refine their craft, incorporate technology in new and innovative ways, and explore further development as a life-long learner. Teachers serve their community by shaping the future in a fast-paced, rewarding environment.

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