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The University of Texas at Tyler’s College of Education and Psychology maximizes human potential by inspiring personal and professional growth. It is the core purpose of the College to prepare competent, caring, and qualified professionals in the fields of education, psychology and counseling and to advance the knowledge base in our respective disciplines.

University of Texas at Tyler: Turnaround Partnership Initiative

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  1. Cost for degree approximately $12,000
  2. Located in the pinewoods of East Texas
  3. Founded in 1971
  4. Maintains close partnerships with area schools and agencies
  5. Committed to serving the local community
  6. Promotes student success and engagement
  7. Unique post-baccalaureate programs offered
  8. Provides field experiences at the UT Tyler K-12 University Academy a public university charter school that utilizes project based instruction
  9. Operates a UTeach program to produce more STEM educators
  10. Administers the K-16 Literacy Center which focuses on promoting literacy with a strong emphasis on early literacy

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UTeach Programs

Learn more about the UTeach programs offered throughout the UT System.

Interested in completing a degree in ANY field and teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) in middle or high school? Already graduated and want to learn more about becoming certified?



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