ElevateTXEd Ambassadors: Creating and Sharing Together!

The ElevateTXEd Ambassadors are a group of scholars from across the University of Texas System who are sharing and promoting research by making it more accessible to teacher practitioners. Ambassadors are uniting and working together to curate and create micro-content with a focus on applying current research to the pressing needs and relevant issues occurring in education.

Ambassadors aim to help build a stronger pipeline of teachers, provide opportunities for rich professional development for future educators, and contribute strong and applicable research to the field of education.

The pillars of our work include:

– Communicating with and learning from one another

– Making research accessible so it can be translated to practice

– Supporting our collective efficacy around requested topics

– Supporting the curation of ElevateTXEd resources

– Amplifying our reach on social media

Our work together has resulted in powerful partnerships, access to new knowledge, and opportunities to learn more about how our colleagues are working to make their research accessible to practitioners.

It is an honor to support this amazing group of scholars. Together we are learning, exploring, and collaborating.

#Keeplearning #Keepteaching



December 8, 2020 | ElevateTxEd


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