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Welcome back!

Welcome back! We hope that there was time over break where you took time to relax and refresh. January is a month where you can have a fresh start to rebuild/refine routines and you can take fresh eyes to curriculum and your teaching plans. It is also a time where you...

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Wrapping Up the Year with a Strong December

December is such a busy time of the year for teachers! This is a month where there is often much to accomplish both in and out of the classroom as professional and personal schedules get hectic with end of year and holiday buzz. It is also a time where everyone is...

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Spotlight on Research: Dr. Wesley Hickey

Spotlight On Research: UT Tyler + Winona ISD How are universities partnering with local school district to help build collaborative partnerships and improve student learning outcomes? See how Dr. Wesley Hickey, Dean of the College of Education and Psychology at The...

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Building Community and Learning About Your Students

Building Community and Learning About Your Students While October can seem to last forever, November is often a month that flies by. Students and teachers are anticipating the holidays and some breaks in the calendar. This month we look to provide resources for you...

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Overcoming the October Teacher Slump

Overcoming the October Teacher Slump It is hard to believe that October is almost over! October is known for the infamous “teacher slump”. The beginning of the year adrenaline has long since faded Teachers begin to feel the rhythm and flow of the teaching day. You...

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