Welcome back!

We hope that there was time over break where you took time to relax and refresh.

January is a month where you can have a fresh start to rebuild/refine routines and you can take fresh eyes to curriculum and your teaching plans. It is also a time where you might continue to build connections with other staff in your building/district/professional networks! As the second semester begins, think about the strategies you will use to build relationships with parents, students, and colleagues as an agent of change. In addition, consider ways you may build and manage a professional social media presence to receive and provide professional support.

We invite you to check out a webinar hosted by Inspire titled: A Teacher’s Purpose: What the World Needs Now on January 15th from 3PM-4PM. You can register for this webinar HERE. It is free to attend.

We hope you have a wonderful start to 2020!

Strategies for Engaging with Parents

It is important to consider the relationships you have and are building with parents as you work together to support their child. In this module, consider different strategies you can use to engage with parents. The ideas here can help you to strengthen and grow positive relationships with the students in your classroom.

Read the Inspire Module on Engaging with Parents »

Considering your Role as an Agent of Change

With testing looming in the distance, it can be a time where testing pressures begin to feel heavier in your daily teaching. With this module you can explore your role as a teacher in the classroom. You can contrast your role as a “teacher as technician” vs “teacher as an agent of change.”

Read the Inspire Module on Being an Agent of Change »

Cultivating a Professional Social Media Presence

It is possible to develop professional networks over social media spaces (i.e. Twitter, Instagram). These spaces can be a form of professional support. This module provides information about using social media while also building a professional presence in social media.

Read the Inspire Module on Building a Social Media Presence »

We hope you have a wonderful month.

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