December is such a busy time of the year for teachers!

This is a month where there is often much to accomplish both in and out of the classroom as professional and personal schedules get hectic with end of year and holiday buzz. It is also a time where everyone is anxious for a well-deserved break!

As the first semester comes to a close, reflect on the professional relationships you are building with colleagues, consider ways you can nurture student inspiration in your teaching, and design and implement strong lesson closings to keep students actively engaged from the beginning to the end of class.

End the semester with strength, a holiday awaits you!

Professional Relationships with Colleagues

It is always important to be thinking about the relationships that you build and maintain with professional colleagues. They are a source of community and collaboration. This module provides support to help you further develop and maintain the professional relationships you are building.

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Nurturing Student Inspiration

Often students come to school inspired by the world around them. However, curriculum demands and testing can limit how we nurture the inspired learner. In this module you will discover ways you can spark motivation through student inspiration. You will also learn more about the connection between the classroom environment and student inspiration.

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Lesson Closings

Busy and exciting times of the year necessitate even more of a focus on engaging students from the start to the end of class. Student engagement is a wonderful way to deter bad behavior and keep your class on track! This module can support you in creating strong lesson closure to keep holiday excitement from becoming unproductive energy in your classroom.

Read the Inpire Module on Lesson Closure »

December 11, 2019 | ElevateTxEd


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