Research to Practice is an integrated approach to understanding the intersections between theory and the lived realities of educators.

ElevateTXed Ambassadors across the UT System work to make strong collaborative connections between their own research and what the work of educators looks like in practice. Research alone does not change practice but allows us to shift practice. Both researchers and practitioners have much to learn from one another.

Explore UT System Turnaround Partnerships

Through the UT System Turnaround Partnership Initiative, UT universities and school districts are working together to radically improve student outcomes in some of the state’s most struggling schools. Partnerships vary depending on need but provide support in key areas such as curriculum, instructional planning and delivery, assessment and student success/student access. Stakeholders have the opportunity to develop initiatives that serve the mutual needs of the university and district.

 Watch this video of a partnership in action and learn more about each partnership below.

Partnering for Improvement

The Texas Commissioner of Education has outlined the state’s strategic priorities to ensure every child is prepared for success. Through this initiative, UT institutions provide statewide support to address each of the commissioner’s strategic priorities:

Recruit, support, and retain teachers and principals

Build a foundation of reading and math

Connect high school to career and college

Improve low-performing schools

What ways might YOU partner to support statewide education priorities?

Texas Education Agency Resources

The Texas Education Agency offers support and guidance to districts and schools looking to positively impact student achievement outcomes.


School Improvement Division

The Division of School Improvement (SI) supports the state’s goal to improve low-performing schools by reviewing, evaluating, monitoring, and intervening with campuses and their districts to ensure excellence in education for all students.


TEA Accountability Rating System

The Texas Education Agency makes  accountability ratings, summaries and detailed reports for each district, campus, and open-enrollment charter school in the state of Texas easily available via their website and online resources.

Statewide School Improvement Support

The state is taking bold actions to positively impact student outcomes. The support of PK-12 will need to shift boldly to match the direction of the state. The Texas Education Agency is fully implementing new processes to support school improvement. The agency is committed to creating awareness, aligned and consistent capacity building, and monitoring progress.

The Effective Schools Framework builds a clear vision for what districts and schools across the state can do to ensure an excellent education for all Texas students.

Partnering for Development

From large group professional development to one-on-one coaching, a two-way partnership for developing and supporting educators is a win for both universities and districts. Providing coaching and capacity support increases teacher quality and retention rates.

Partnering for Research

Forming partnerships to support collaborative research creates opportunity to develop initiatives that support the mutual needs of the university and school. Partnering for research creates opportunities to bridge the divide between theory and practice.

Universities and districts make powerful connections!

If you are interested in starting a partnership with a neighboring university or district, contact us!

Here are some steps to consider that will help turn ideas into action!

  • Gather a TEAM to identify needs and brainstorm possible solutions.
  • Reach out to your district or University and schedule a time to meet.
  • Share your needs. Explain areas in which you have been struggling or improvements you have been wanting to make. Invite them to the table to collaborate in thinking through the issue you are wanting to solve.
  • With your new partner, create an action plan that includes clear and measurable goals, action steps, and specific checkpoints along the way. Schedule your next few face-to-face meetings to ensure your calendar doesn’t fill up.
  • Be clear about the work ahead, communicate, and discuss any concerns immediately.

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