UT San Antonio & Sarah King Elementary

Turnaround Partnership

About Sarah King Elementary

Sarah King Elementary, one of 32 elementary schools in the San Antonio Independent School District, serves 689 students. Sarah King is located in a west San Antonio community with a rich history and culture. Although the community is sometimes labeled as “economically disadvantaged,” the Sarah King teachers and staff continuously work to ensure that this label does not define them.

Partnership Focus

The research partnership funded by the UT System is a mutually beneficial program that provides holistic support to the Sarah King campus in an effort to strengthen academic success. Faculty from across UTSA’s College of Education and Human Development are collaboratively supporting the needs identified by Sarah King Elementary. UTSA provides instructional support through literacy coaching and professional development sessions, builds literacy leadership with Sarah King teachers enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Reading and Literacy program, supports elementary students through socio-emotional and academic mentoring, collaborates and supports the Sarah King administrative team, and makes efforts to connect the school with the larger Sarah King community.

Campus Statistics & Community Description


Mobility Rate


At Risk

Sarah King Elementary serves 689 students

  • Economically Disadvantaged 97.1% 97.1%
  • HIspanic Students 91.7% 91.7%
  • Bilingual/ESL Students 17.2% 17.2%
  • SPED Students 8.6% 8.6%

Partnership Goals

Providing support to growing teacher practices related to academic literacy

Providing support in improving literacy achievement

Providing opportunities to grow leadership in classroom teachers

Collaboratively evaluating our work

Creating model “residency” program for pre-service teachers

Engaging the community that surrounds Sarah King Elementary

Challenges & Lessons Learned

Importance of local knowledge at Sarah King Elementary (including staff, students, families, and broader community)

Importance of recognizing and adapting to the challenges faced at Sarah King (e.g., limited time and resources)

Importance of acknowledging moments of progress and recognizing this progress in terms of enacting a shared vision over time