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The University of Texas at Tyler College of Education and Psychology maximizes human potential by inspiring personal and professional growth. It is the core purpose of the College to prepare competent, caring, and qualified professionals in the fields of education, psychology and counseling and to advance the knowledge base in our respective disciplines.

University of Texas Tyler

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  1. Located in East Texas
  2. 48 years old – founded in 1971
  3. 12K cost after aid
  4. Close relationships with schools and agencies in the region
  5. Strong commitment to serving the local community
  6. Strong student life
  7. Offers a teacher certification program for students who have earned their bachelors degree or higher
  8. 4 campuses throughout Tyler
  9. 69% acceptance rate / 54% graduation rate
  10. The K-16 Literacy Center: A non-profit educational unit operated within the School of Education. Its core purpose is focused on strengthening literacy instruction and improving academic achievement outcomes of K-16 students at the university, school, and community levels.

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