University of Texas at San Antonio & Sarah King Elementary

Turnaround Partnership

About Sarah King Elementary

Sarah King Elementary, one of 40 elementary schools in the San Antonio Independent School District, serves 689 students with a mobility rate of 22.1% and hosts 3 PK classrooms and one bilingual classroom per grade level. Sarah King Elementary’s student body is made up of 97.1% economically disadvantaged and 18% English Language Learners.

Partnership Focus

Descriptive text about the UTSA Partnership

Campus Statistics & Community Description


Mobility Rate



Sarah King Elementary serves 689 Students

  • Economically Disadvantaged 97.1% 97.1%
  • English Language Learners 18% 18%

Partnership Goals

Providing support to growing teacher practices related to academic literacy

Providing support in improving literacy achievement

Providing opportunities to grow leadership in classroom teachers

Collaboratively evaluating our work

Creating model “residency” program for pre-service teachers

Engaging the community that surrounds SKE

Challenges & Lessons Learned

Time: Teachers, faculty, and students were all stretched thin

Limited resources

Competing agendas