Nichole S. Prescott, Ph.D.

Dr. Nichole S. Prescott is Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Texas System. She is responsible for leading and supporting student success initiatives system wide. A fierce advocate for education as a powerful impetus for systemic social change, Dr. Prescott was awarded the Friend of Education Award from CSOTTE, the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education in 2019.

Dr. Prescott is a proud citizen of the Miami Nation of Oklahoma (Myaamia) and actively participates in the culture and language revitalization efforts of her people, while maintaining strong engagement with the broader Native American community. She currently serves on the Governing Council of the National Institute for Native Leadership in Higher Education and on the Executive Committee of the Miami University Foundation Board (a university situated on lands historically occupied by Myaamiaki), and formerly served on the Board of Directors of the American Indians of Texas. In 2003, she was awarded the prestigious Scholar-in-Residence Frances C. Allen Fellowship (History of the American Indian) at the Newberry Library in Chicago. She maintains a close relationship with the Myaamia Center, a tribally-driven language and culture research center situated at Miami University. 

Dr. Prescott has presented at numerous conferences and is a national and international keynote speaker. She has been interviewed about her work by national media outlets, such as Indian Country Today and Univision, in addition to local news outlets. Dr. Prescott was also spotlighted in a feature story in the Austin American Statesman, ‘We should honor all parts of who we are’: Nichole Prescott on reviving indigenous culture‘ (October 2021).