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Aspiring Educators

Connect with the career. Interview current educators and consider your own experiences and passion.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I am looking for a rewarding career that provides a strong sense of duty and opportunity.
  • I enjoy connecting and interacting with others.
  • I am responsive to the needs of others and want to positively impact my community.
  • I am passionate about a subject or a particular interest and want to share that passion with others in a creative and energetic environment.

Start where you are!

Learn about the many routes to certification.

Get Certified!

What do you want to teach? Who do you want to teach? Where do you want to teach? How do you increase your potential?

Explore Higher Education Institutions

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Learn About Approved Educator Prep Programs

Traditional Teacher Certification Program

  • Provides pre-service teachers with valuable pedagogy
  • Rich student teaching experience
  • Connects pre-service teachers to the teaching community
  • Opportunity to pair with and receive guidance through a strong veteran teacher mentor
  • Opportunity to learn from experts in the field
  • Offers time to observe master teachers and put new skills to use in a safe and collaborative environment.
  • Most traditional programs offer opportunity for pre-service teachers to engage in the components of planning and preparation, classroom environment, and instruction

Alternative Teacher Certification Program

  • Swift, intensive route to the classroom
  • Little to no opportunity to practice new skills before being submerged into the classroom
  • Little to no classroom experience
  • Little to no training in pedagogy
  • No student teaching experience

Find a Teaching Position

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  • Find the Jobs!
  • Make your resume snazzy!
  • Get Noticed!


You are a teacher! Learn how to grow and contribute to the field.