Develop Your Craft + Grow In Your Field

Teacher Growth & Development

High-quality teachers are essential for student success. Educators must continue developing their craft throughout the duration of their career. Effective professional development provides opportunity to both grow your teaching practice and build your professional community.

Free Online Learning Modules Available Through Inspire at UT Austin

All teachers should have free access to high-quality professional development. Through this resource, teachers across the state have access to free, high-quality teaching modules with the intent to positively affect daily classroom life. These online modules, available through UT Austin, help educators grow and refine their craft, and inspire teacher leadership and dialogue about some of the most challenging topics teachers face.

The Inspire online learning modules help teachers grow and develop as:

Equity cultivators + Collaborators + Reflective thinkers + Data drivers + Instructional facilitators

Growth and Development Resources for Teachers and Administrators

Professional development happens in many different contexts. While the most effective professional development is embedded in practice, there are many district-provided opportunities as well as through local, state, and national organizations such as the ones listed below:

Visit TASA Online
→TASA hopes to improve Texas public education and provides resources for administrators working in the state of Texas through workshops, leadership summits, and conferences.

Visit TASA ➡

Visit TASB Online

TASB provides information and resources for those serving on or are interested in serving on school boards in the state of Texas, including online policy information.

Visit TASB ➡
Visit Texas Assessment Online

Texas Assessment provides current information about the STAAR test for administrators and educators.

Visit TA Online ➡
Visit The Teacher Toolkit Online

The Teacher Toolkit provides engaging techniques and tools for effective teaching that can build routines or foster classroom discussions.

Visit The Teacher Toolkit Online ➡
Visit TCTELA Online

Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts connects educators and provides opportunities for professional development in the area of English language arts and reading.

Visit TCTELA ➡
Visit STAT Online

Science Teachers Association of Texas sponsors the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teachers and is a place for Science teachers to unite and share strategies.

Visit STAT ➡
Visit TCTM Online

Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics encourages thinking around teaching math and offers conferences and opportunities for grants and pre-service teacher scholarships.

Visit TCTM ➡
Visit TCSS Online

Texas Council for the Social Studies is a nonprofit organization for educators supporting professional growth, collaboration and the advancement of social studies education.

Visit TXCSS ➡
Visit ATPE Online

The Association of Texas Professional Educators is a professional organization that educators can join to have access to resources that support them in their work.

Visit ATPE ➡
Visit TCTA Online

Texas Classroom Teachers Association is a professional organization for educators. It provides access to a variety of resources to support educators and their work in the profession.

Visit TCTA ➡
Visit Texas AFT Online

Texas American Federation of Teachers is a union organization that works to ensure student access to a quality education while supporting the educators who provide it.

Visit Texas AFT ➡
Visit Rethinking Schools Online

Non-profit organization committed to promoting practices that support equity in public education, specifically the challenges present in urban schools.

Visit Rethinking Schools Online ➡
Visit EdChange Online

EdChange is dedicated to thinking around educational equity and justice. They offer resources, workshops, and scholarship centering equity and social justice in schools and school communities.

Visit EdChange ➡
Visit NAME Online

National Association for Multicultural Education is a non-profit that advocates for equity and social justice via multicultural education. They organize conferences and have local chapters.

Visit NAME ➡
Visit Teaching for Change Online

Teaching for Change encourages connecting the classroom to real world issues. They offer professional development workshops, courses and published resources.

Visit TFC Online ➡
Visit Project Looksharp Online

Project Look Sharp is an outreach program through Ithaca College that provides training and materials so that educators can weave in media literacy and critical thinking into their teaching.

Visit PLS Online ➡
Visit Texans Care for Children Online

Texans Care for Children provides updates and information about policy and legislation, its impact on children in Texas, and ways to get involved and join the conversation.

Visit TCC Online ➡
Visit TEA Online

Texas Education Agency’s Early Childhood Education in Texas is an online space that shares information, reports, and resources connected to early childhood education and educators.

Visit TEA Online ➡
Visit NSTA Online

National Science Teaching Association provides resources for educators across grade levels and contexts who are looking to grow their science education practices.

Visit NSTA ➡
Visit Educate Texas Online

Educate Texas has been nationally recognized for tapping into a bold and collaborative approach, and for creating transformational change for Texas students.

Visit Educate Texas ➡
Visit E3 Alliance Online

E3 Alliance is a regional, data-driven education collaborative that helps to build the strongest educational pipeline in the country to drive regional economic prosperity.

Visit E3 Alliance ➡

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