ElevateTXed is committed to developing and advocating for equitable policies to support Educator Preparation Programs and strengthen the educator workforce.

The UT System collaborates with statewide partners to increase the recruitment and preparation of high-quality diverse educators for the next generation of Texans.

Reimplementation of the Education Degree

The University of Texas System was a key leader and partner in passing statewide legislation (HB 3) for reimplementation of the Education degree which provides EPPs more flexibility and room for innovation in the curriculum.


Access to Financial Resources for Aspiring Educators

Over 50% of UT System students receive need-based financial aid and scholarships, and over 13% of Texans live below the poverty line. Ensuring equitable access to the educator pipeline requires alleviating financial challenges for students that want to become   an educator. UT System is working with Education Deans in the System and across the state, as well as with legislators and policy makers to identify programs and strategies to increase access to financial resources for our students.


Funding for Paid Clinical Fieldwork & Residencies

Most aspiring teachers struggle with the requirement to complete unpaid clinical fieldwork that is typically equivalent to full-time employment while enrolled in fewer credit hours, impacting their access to financial aid. These students are more likely to take on additional debt or leave four-year EPP programs altogether. Paid clinical fieldwork and residency programs are key to student retention and success in EPPs and developing high quality educators.


Diversifying the Educator Pipeline

Currently the educator workforce in Texas does not mirror the students that they teach. Research demonstrates that students who have teachers and educators that reflect themselves are more likely to be successful. Financial resources can help address systemic economic barriers for historically excluded populations, but EPP programs must also review curricula, policies and processes to ensure they are culturally relevant, accessible and equitable for all students.

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