Addressing Traumatic Stress with Teachers.

There is a lot going on in the word around us and we have so many things to worry about. Concerns for the well-being of our families and selves are constantly coming to play with every interaction we have. Those of us educating K-12 students not only worry about our own families and the many unknowns and obstacles we are faced with daily, but we also worry for our students that inspire us to teach every day. This worry and concern can cause additional stress and even secondary trauma for teachers.  

Did you know that many teachers have powerful and personal connections with the students in their classes? When our students hurt, our teachers hurt. #Facts

Teachers are:

– Mending

– Listening

– Teaching

– Supporting

– Protecting

All of this is a lot to take on and that’s not even all they do!! It is not uncommon for teachers to feel the weight of this stress and own the trauma their students may be experiencing. It can be overwhelming and all-consuming. How can we better support teachers in overcoming stress so they can thrive personally and professionally?

Check out this free interactive course that can be taken individually or through a campus or district designed to provide support for teachers affected by trauma (STAT).

Let’s support our teachers through these challenging times.

We celebrate teachers!


October 5, 2020 | ElevateTxEd


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We are ALL new to teaching!

We are ALL new to teaching!

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We are back!!

We are re-thinking our practice!

We are innovative and excited about new shifts, new thinking, and the opportunity to TEACH!!
While our work may be anything but ordinary right now, we are still focused on improving our practice and setting goals to help guide us along the way. Why??? Because #TeachersCan and WILL continue to build their practice even in the most difficult of times!
Are you looking to set goals for intentional improvement? We know #TeachersCan and we are here to help!
– Identify your area for growth
– Set goals
– Monitor Progress
– Adjust as needed

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